PLAYM8 Chase 'n' Fun Belts

PLAYM8 Chase 'n' Fun Belts
Product Code: PLM094
Chase and Catch! PLAYM8 Chase n Fun Belts  are designed for extreme fun and exciting partner games that can be played anywhere.


  • Using running and agility the leader (mouse) must try to get far enough away from the chaser (cat) to break the Velcro tab connecting them together.
  • The mouse can score a point each time they escape and the belts are broken.
  • The cat must run fast to keep the belts intact.
  • Swap positions after a few minutes for the chaser to become the leader and try to beat their score.
  • With two space settings simply shorten the connecting point on the belt to even up the game.
  • Supplied as a set of 6 in PLAYM8 colours of purple, orange, red, green, yellow and blue.
  • Includes activity guide and set of 8 laminated activity cards.
  • EAN - 5060098404789
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