5-A-DAY Parachute

5-A-DAY Parachute
Product Code: PLM207 (Parachute) or PLM312 (Parachute & Cards)

The unique PLAYM8 5-A-Day Parachute developed in partnership with Youth Sport Direct will support indoor and outdoor play activities and can be used for quiet or noisy play. Participants can range from two up to forty!


Children of different abilities, sizes and ages can play together, interact, co-operate and use their imagination through role play and music. The Parachute Activity cards offer 18 fun activities to play with your parachute.



  • 3.5m diameter parachute
  • The parachute consists of six panels each one of the colours of the PLAYM8 range.
  • Each panel has two clear pockets to hold activity cube or character cards.
  • Why not make up your own games using the different cards or create your own designs on the blank cards.
  • Handles around the edge make holding the parachute easy.
  • Available with our without activity cards.
  • EAN (Parachute) - 505529415130
  • EAN (Parachute & Cards) - 5055294215147


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