PLAYM8 Parachute Play Book

PLAYM8 Parachute Play Book
Product Code: PLM167
Designed by educators the PLAYM8 Parachute Play Book is a colourful 'user friendly' resource packed full of fun ideas for teacher, coaches and caregivers to maxmise learning experiences through parachute play.
  • Contains 24 activites progressing from starter exercises through to advanced team games.
  • Full colour A4 book with high quality photographic images that demonstrates a range of parachute sizes adaptable for all ages and learning environments.
  • Features the new target parachute.
Starter Activities Include:
  • Colours, Waves, Merry Go Round, Low Rollers, Leap Frog Trampoline, Washing Machine, Bubble, Cave, Duck-Duck-Goose.
Group Games Include:
  • Fruit Salad, Snakes on the Chute, Sheep & Dog, Cat & Mouse, Jaws, Stinky Sock Shuffle, Dodge Ball, Treasure Hunt.
Team Activities Include:
  • Mushroom, High Rollers, Pop-corn, Boom, Air Conditioning, Making Animals, Under the Mountain, Drag Race.
Team Challenges Include:

Heart Beat Fitness Challenge, Parachute Volleyball, Clockwork, Target Practice, Target Teamwork, Sculpture.

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