PLAYM8 Parachutes

PLAYM8 Parachutes
Product Code: PAR001 (1.75m), PAR003 (3.5m), PAR004 (5m), PAR005 (6m), PAR007 (7m) & PAR009 (9m)
PLAYM8 Parachute games encourage co-operative, non-competitive play and re-inforce turn taking and sharing. The games are a lot of fun for children of all ages and abilities. A wide variety of different games can be played and beanbags and balls can be introduced to widen the activities.
  • Six rainbow colours rather than the traditional four.
  • Made from a light nylon material of the type used for real parachutes.
  • Central mesh hole allowing free airflow without letting objects fall through.
  • Each multi-coloured parachute incorporates handles around the edge of the canopy for easy grip.
  • Available in diameters of 1.75m, 3.5m, 5m, 6m, 7m and 9m.


Additional Information

  • 1.75m Parachute - 8 Handles - EAN 5055294215345
  • 3.5m Parachute - 12 Handles - EAN 5055294215352
  • 5m Parachute - 16 Handles - EAN 5055294215369
  • 6m Parachute - 18 Handles - EAN 5055294215376
  • 7m Parachute - 24 Handles - EAN 5055294215383
  • 9m Parachute - 24 Handles - EAN 5055294215390


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