Product Code: PLM617 (Red), PLM618 (Blue), PLM619 (Green), PLM620 (Yellow), PLM621 (Purple) & PLM622 (Orange)
Zoftplay helps promote children's all-round development through crawling, climbing and balancing in a safe environment through play while interacting with other children.
The PLAYM8 Zoftplay Shapes range of equipment is bright and colourful which will stimulate the childrens' mind and in particular children with special needs will benefit from play with Zoftplay. Select from a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.
  • Zoftplay Playmats - 1220mm x 500mm x 40mm - Attach together using velcro.
  • Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple or Orange
  • EAN (Red) - 5055294214493
  • EAN (Yellow) - 5055294214522
  • EAN (Blue) - 5055294214508
  • EAN (Green) - 5055294214515
  • EAN (Purple) - 5055294214539
  • EAN (Orange) - 5055294214546


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